SIDEWALK supper project

SIDEWALK supper project

we bring the warmth of our kitchen to the streets, feeding the hungry with home-cooked meals and sharing their stories along the way.

who we are
We are two west coasters who have known each other for over 20 years. We grew up together, traveled the world together, and now live 6 blocks from one another. Is that a little pathetic? Perhaps.

Our friendship often revolves around food. When we're not running the seawall or practicing yoga, we're probably compensating for the lost calories with a decadent meal and too much wine. We believe in balance. As for our cooking, it isn't always exceptional, but it is always filled with heart.

Our mission with the
SIDEWALK supper project is to share this love for food with the less fortunate members of our community. There are few things in life more powerful than getting together for a good meal, and everyone should be able to enjoy that. With the help of our husbands and friends, we hope to chip away at the walls that divide us to connect with one another by sharing a warm meal and a story. 

EDDY BOUDEL TAN is a self-proclaimed bon vivant. He and his husband, Thomas, are often found exploring, whether it be their own backyard or while traveling abroad. Besides being an enthusiastic supporter of Vancouver's independent dining scene, Eddy feels most at home in a museum, behind a book, by the ocean, hosting a get-together, or dancing questionably at a live show. He works in marketing & advertising, while aspiring to be Canada's next great novelist. All he has to do now is write a book.  

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ANDREA WESLEY is a lover of life. She’s always up for adventure and can be found wandering aimlessly through the streets, hoping to stumble across a hidden eatery or surprise sunset. She spends her days running along the seawall, honing her culinary skills, exploring the great outdoors, and dreaming up her next big trip abroad with her husband, Sean. The SIDEWALK supper project was Andrea's brainchild, but Eddy wedged his way in, as he does. She lets him only because he's making himself useful. 
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SIDEWALK supper project